Gnoephoe is an archvillain in this campaign that players will meet early on in the campaign.

The world in this campaign is one huge puzzle. If you like puzzles, you may like this campaign. Chapter 1 is titled Gnoephoe’s Lair. Telling other chapter names would give too much away.

Game system is home-brew based on my endeme data structure work at Artificial Creativity Blog.

It takes place in a collapsed world from a former high civilization. The collpase began about 1000 years ago and the world is beginning to recover. This will be a fantasy genre game in a wilderness world with a forgotten past although some time travel may occur later in the campaign. Depends on how I build the game system.

There are four main alignments each based on a species group. The groups are men, fey, orcs,a nd ghouls. Men are opposed to ghouls and fey are opposed to orcs.

Party starts either outside the village of their first encounter or in a village not too far away from which you originate. Universe is human centric so human characters will have more scope for interaction. Will probably also have Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, Gnomes, Fairies, Yeti, Giants, and half-human/animal combinations as possible characters. Giants and half-humans may have trouble underground, Yeti may have trouble in warm climates. The place where the adventure starts will be in a lightly forested and somewhat hilly area in a region with mostly grassy plains.

Starts 2011.

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Gnoephoe's Lair